Music is a huge part of my daily life. Being a musician that is interested in songwriting and that appreciates music has made me a fan of many types of genres over the years. While I primarily listen to metal on a daily basis, I also really enjoy stuff like funk, indie acoustic, pop, classical, etc… With all this being said, I’ve always really liked the idea of being able to share my music interests with others. So I spent some time coming up with ideas until I finally landed on this one that was so obvious but a bit tricky to get right. Basically I’ve come up with a list of genres that I actually really listen to and actively enjoy, and I paired them with all the months in a year in the form of alliteration.

So I have all 12 months planned already and I know I’m starting a bit late, but for this month, I’m calling it “Jazz January”. Basically I put together a playlist of some of my favorite jazz songs for everyone to enjoy.

I also already have the genre set and ready to go for February but I wont be revealing that until February rolls around. But in the mean, check out the playlist above!